School methodology/Knowledge Importaning Concept Folowed by the School

From Principal’s Desk

Dear Parents,

Service before self is the motto of the SGNDPS and believes it should be followed by everyone. This thinking should be included in everyone, not just spoken out loud. Students must learn to share and care and become sensitive towards the world around them.

We firmly believe schooling and education should be synonyms, at least to the extent that schooling needs to be education oriented. Education means on all round development of human potentials and personality –physical, mental moral and spiritual education paves the path to knowledge and knowledge leads to wisdom merit and excellence should be our watchwords and service to humanity our motto.

Social norms are the rules that a society uses for appropriate and inappropriate values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors. These are informal rules that are not written. When an individual deviates from these conventional and social rules of society, stress set in we can learn to control our response to situations and develop techniques that effect of stress on our mental and physical health.

Dear children, you are lucky to be studding in one of the finest school in the state your education system offers a variety of ways in which you can recognize your talent. The management of the school is always ready to support your productive ender ours.

Develop written yourself a burning desire to achieve and keep alive the child like curiosity for learning something new every day and I promise that there will never be a dull moment in your life.

Each passing year is a learning experience; It is a class IX-X

The facilitators at SGNDPS aim primarily to help the learner with systematic learning and development.

  1. Facilitators use various types of modern teaching aids to concept with students, along with interactive and creative classroom teaching like small board, projector & educational software.
  2. Competitions are designed to fulfill the unique ability found in every child.

Class III to VIII

  1. To give more stress on writing skill in to all language
  2. The emphasis is on usage and application in is Science, Mathematics, S Science problem-solving techniques and taught using application board method
  3. Special assembly organized class wise to going confidence but also helps them & realizes their potential in various fields.
  4. Assessment of speaking and his tuning conduct in all language students.
  5. In a week one day visit student Science Lab.
  6. Every Friday we conduct test.
  7. Use of various such as smart boards in the class rooms, will structured activities and research based programmers help in developing concepts and application in various subjects, including English, Science, S Science and Mathematics.
  8. Games and hobbies are also given emphasis to encourage exploration of values to make the transition between the secure home environment and formal schooling.
  9. We lay stress upon developing basic language skill with the help of phonetics and conversation.
  10. Various celebrations in school and round the year activities allow self expression experimentation and questioning.

Class I to II

  1. A child’s mind is very soft and we can mould it any direction keeping this in mind, we provide a loving and encore aging atmosphere.
  2. We teach the students of class 1 to 2 is activity based.
  3. To improve listening, Speaking & Reading we conduct ASL after every chapter.
  4. At this level we emphasis more on experimental learning.
  5. Our aim to prepare the children to read, Write and do Mathematics
  6. We are preparing students for 21st century.

Mother Teacher Concept is know

  1. At SGNDPS, young depicts are nurtured under the tender care of mother in kind gratin.
  2. Understanding the child and developing a emotional bond between the learner and teacher.
  3. Helps in better insight to various development stages like cognitive and emotional.
  4. Both the learner and teacher spend more time with each other.
  5. Academically it gives times for the child to remain abreast with his peers
  6. It gives a sense of satisfaction to the teacher, at the end of the session, on obtaining the set targets as per the potential of the child and helping in the positive growth graph of each student.
  7. Our focus at the pre-primary levels endless journey which open up new fiestas of development, where there is matter scope or room for pettiness, disharmony, jealousy hatred enmity of complacency.
  8. We look forward to working in partnership and helping each of our students have successful year ahead.

All the best!!!

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