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The school cherishes the ideals which will prepare the student to become duty bound citizens of nation. The school endeavor to cultivate refined manners, the spirit of thought fullness and earnestness of purpose in blooming generation. It also aims at mental, Spiritual and Emotional development of pupils. So the school stands for total development of child.

S. Gurbir Singh Brar

Message from the Chairman

The Will to excel in challenging circumstance culminates in ultimate success since the establishment of this institute we have made students. I promise to general public & worthy parents to always provide highly qualified competent staff and to provide guidance to students for their right careers and professions.

A Word form Vice Chairperson

It gives me immense to convey my heartiest Congratulation and welcome to the students, persons and staff on the new educational session of Kinderspiel Playway & Public School and Shri Guru Nanak Dev Public School. I feel much proud to announce the great trust the parents have shown in us in these year, I promise everyone to achieve the great motto of our school.

Mrs. Gurveen Kaur Brar

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To help the students to imbibe human though the process of self realization.

To develop the students as teained intellects enabling them to adjust in the fast changing competitive world.

To create among the students a strong sense of responsibility.

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Sri Guru Nanak Dev Publc School Lammi Dhaab.
Sri Muktsar Sahib.

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